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Matches Played

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Total Records: 44
CCCA:Under 21 - Glenn Rowlands Shield
CCCA:First Grade
CCCA:Second Grade
CCCA:Third Grade
CCCA:Fourth Grade
CCCA:Fifth Grade
CCCA:Sixth Grade
CCCA:Seventh Grade
CCCA:Eighth Grade
CCCA:Ninth Grade
CCCA:Ladies T20
1 Ward, Brendan A10000000000
2 Daniels, Scott00000000100
3 Jacobs, Tyler00000000010
4 Chew, Dylan10000000000
5 Peden, Matthew10000000000
6 Parker, Luke S10000000000
7 McGinty, Phill00000000010
8 Cartwright, Andrew00000000100
9 Simpson, Eugene F00000000010
10 Bauer, Alex P10000000000
11 Jacobs, Luke P10000000000
12 Thompson, Benjamin10000000000
13 Bauer, Justin M00000000010
14 Shearman, Jack S00000000100
15 Shedden, Alexander J10000000000
16 Faber, Whyatt M00000000100
17 Andrews, Elissa L00000000010
18 Bates, Alisha J10000000000
19 Hughes, Samuel J10000000100
20 Mikolajski, Peter00000000010
21 Bauer, Simon00000000010
22 Austin, Martin A00000000010
23 Horner, Thomas D10000000000
24 Rittie, Sophie00000000001
25 Barron, Paul R00000000010
26 Brewster, Annalise00000000001
27 Radcliffe, Rhiannon00000000010
28 Jones, Kurt00000000010
29 Parry, Claudia00000000001
30 Hudson, Harrison R00000000100
31 Thompson, Peter00000000100
32 Shearman, Mark D00000000100
33 Shearman, Riley00000000100
34 Hughes, Anthony00000000100
35 Radcliffe, Brett00000000010
36 Grogan, Luke00000000010
37 Crane, Connor10000000000
38 Kesavan, Ajayakumar00000000100
39 Turnbull, Kylie00000000001
40 Starr, Sarah00000000001
41 Chapman, Zara00000000001
42 Bell, Maikel00000000100
43 Pankhurst, Michelle J00000000001
44 Burgin, Tracey00000000001
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Total Records: 44
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