Batting Tips - Concentration

The prime responsibility of every batter is to become a consistent and rapid run-getter for the team.

The essence of such consistency is good concentration backed up by a sound technique.

By good concentration we mean the ability to fully focus on every ball in an innings from the bowlers hand onto the bat face.

By sound technique, we mean co-ordinating the body and bat to maximise the chances of downward contact with good timing.

What is concentration?

Concentration when batting means focussing on the ball and ignoring all other distractions.

There are two levels of concentration:

The first is “awareness”: the state of observation between deliveries where the batter notices such aspects as the game situation, events occuring in the field or movement outside the boundary.

The second is “fierce concentration”: here the batter mentally gears up as the bowler moves in. The peak of concentration occurs through the delivery stride and the execution of the shot. An example of this is like watching a large television screen that gradually becomes smaller as the bowler delivered the ball.

A couple of drills which may help batters focus on the ball up until the time it hits the bat:

Visual Clues

Visual Clues may include:

–     observing how the ball increases in size as it comes closer, or noting the position and movement of the seam during flight.

–     trying to identify the brand name on the ball, or notice any changes to the ball’s appearance eg. scuff marks, one side more shiny than the other.

“Now” Technique

“Now” technique involves you watching the bowler run in and as he got into his delivery stride you say “now” which is the trigger to concentrate fully.