Fantasy League Rules

The Fantasy League lets every player in the club play the role of Chairman of Selectors, and pit your selection skills against everyone else in the club.
You must pick your team that conforms to certain restrictions such as salary cap and player types as detailed below.
Your team earns points according to those allocated as part of the club championship points criteria setup by your club.
The team with the most number of points at the end of the Fantasy season is the winner!

Club specifics
Competition Start Date (dd/mm/yyyy) Friday 13 October 2017
Competition End Date (dd/mm/yyyy)
Selection cut-off date (dd/mm/yyyy) Friday 27 October 2017
Number of batsmen per team 5
Number of bowlers per team 3
Number of keepers per team 1
Number of all-rounders per team 2
Salary Cap $200,000.00
All teams to include self True
Include Finals False

Points allocation
Runs1.00 Catches10.00
Unassisted Wickets (b, lbw)20.00 Assisted Wickets10.00
Unassisted Runouts20.00 Assisted Runouts0.00
100s20.00 50s10.00
Stumpings10.00 5 wkts in Innings 20.00
Not outs0.00

Weighting factors
CCCA:First Grade 1.00
CCCA:T20 1.00
CCCA:Second Grade 1.00
CCCA:Third Grade 1.00
CCCA:Fourth Grade 1.00
CCCA:Fifth Grade 1.00
CCCA:Sixth Grade 1.00
CCCA:Eighth Grade 1.00
CCCA:Eighth Grade 1.00
CCCA:Ninth Grade 1.00
CCCA:Womens 1st Grade 1.00
CCCA:Womens 1st Grade 1.00
CCCA:Womens 2nd Grade 1.00
CCCA:Womens 2nd Grade 1.00
CCCA:Glenn Rowlands Shield 1.00
CCCA:Masters - Over 40s 1.00
CCCA:Male Youth League 1.00
CCCA:Female Youth League 1.00
CCCA:Female Youth League 1.00
CCCA:Under 16 1.00
CCCA:Under 14b 1.00
CCCA:Under 14c 1.00
CCCA:Under 12b 1.00
Grey (CCCA:Under 11) 1.00
Black (CCCA:Under 11) 1.00
White (CCCA:Under 11) 1.00
Thunder (CCCA:Under 11) 1.00
CCCA:Girls Sixers League 1.00

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