Player Goals

Fellow Magpies,

Batting – It is important to focus on team batting. There is a need to build partnerships and use correct technique when at the crease at all times. Practice at training should be made worthwhile.

Bowling – The aim is to get penetration by building pressure on the batsman through long periods. This is a simple philosophy that requires concentration, skill and fitness. The bowling also needs to be well supported by all the fielders moving in with the bowler.

Fielding – Catches need to be taken at every opportunity. Talk and support of each other in the field will instil confidence and provide that support to the bowlers. More field work at training on accurate throwing and catching skills followed by still more after that will make a difference.

Commitment – Players should make themselves available every week. Making yourself unavailable week after week puts pressure on selectors every week in picking balanced and competitive teams, and makes it very hard to keep lower grades in particular competitive, with players being pushed up into higher grades to fill teams. Everyone needs to put the clubs interest at heart and honour the commitment you made to playing for the Magpies. Only players commiting to games consistently throughout the season will be considered for games later in the season including finals.