Bowling Tips

Good bowling is the key to team success. If a bowler can maintain an excellent line and length on a consistent basis wickets will follow.

It is important that bowlers use every training session to simulate game circumstances and work on maintaining a good line and length and working towards a plan.

Some tips which should improve your bowling:


  • Focus on the line to bowl. Failure to concentrate on each bowl could result in a boundary and undo all the good work you had done earlier in building up pressure.


  • Keep the arms in close to the body during run up (similar to a sprinter)
  • Keep the hips and shoulder in alignment at the time of the back foot landing. Failure to do this could result in back injuries
  • Be balanced, keep the head high and steady, with eyes level throughout.


  • Accelerate gradually in the run up. You should be running faster at the end of the run up then you are at the start. This will not be achieved if you start sprinting from the beginning of your run up.
  • The run up should be slightly angled if you a side on bowler or straight if you are a front-on bowler.
  • Jump into the delivery stride
  • Raise the front arm up high then pull the front arm strongly down the target line and keep the elbow close to the body.
  • Rotate the arms and shoulders as vertically as possible towards the target.
  • A good follow through is important, (once again a sprinter doesn’t stop as soon as he gets to the finish line). A pace bowler should follow through a minimum of 3 or 4 steps after releasing the ball. The follow through should also be pretty straight. Too often a bowler veers off the pitch as soon as he releases the ball. It is important the the bowlers momentum continues towards the batsmen.

Follow these tips and your bowling will improve.

Good Luck !!!